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Father's Day

Sunday 16 June

Celebrate Father’s Day at Fumo Village with a delicious surprise! Enjoy a FREE 1 Kg ‘Fiorentina’ T-bone steak chargrilled on our Josper for every table of 4.

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"Let's meet at Fumo Village"

Delicious Prawns

Grilled on our charcoal Japanese grill: Robata™


Selected lamb skewer grilled to perfection in our charcoal oven.

Italian Chef designed pastas

Designed and perfected by our chef Claudio Uccello from Naples, Italy.

No-jokes pizza

This is the real thing, flour from Naples, original recipe, Italian chef, South African ingredients: perfection.

Amazing drinks

From classics to modern selections, your next drink is waiting for you.

Meat lovers, look no further

The selected cut of succulent meat are grilled to perfection in our charcoal oven 

Feel the vibe

We are in 5 Firwood street in Hazelwood, Pretoria.

Booking form

Please let us know when you will join us (day and time), how many guests and any preferences you may have (Garden, inside, upstairs, balcony, etc.)

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