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A culinary journey for your tastebuds

Finest Dining Inspired by Italy

Food from the heart

Exceptional food is about so much more than just the recipes that you use. It’s about more than training and techniques. Exceptional food is made from the heart. Executive Chef Claudio Uccello brings his heart and soul to the meals you find at Fumo, offering only the finest dining experiences.

He creates dishes that beg to be shared. He brings the warmth of Italian tradition to his meals, and uplifts them through local and international touches. When you eat at Fumo, you follow Claudio on his travels around the world. Influences from Monte Carlo, Singapore and South Africa blend beautifully into classic Italian meals. Discover new combinations of exotic and local cultures in perfect harmony.

A taste of Italia

Born and raised in Naples, Claudio wants to bring the Italian tradition of sharing to South Africa. From authentic Neapolitan pizza and panuozzo, to gorgeous Italian sea bass, when you dine at Fumo you can’t help but offer a bite of your meal to everyone around the table. You want them to share in your wonderful finest dining experience.

An African Influence

Having spent more than two decades in Africa, Claudio is also proud to bring a touch of the continent to his dishes. These African inspired meals offer the finest dining experiences that truly embrace international flavours and traditions, making use of the finest locally sourced ingredients. Claudio highlights some of his favourite African cuisine, perfectly blending these unique flavours with the skill of Italian techniques.

Showcasing the best of South Africa

Even the best recipe in the world would be nothing without the ingredients that go into it. At Fumo you find the most stunning, locally sourced ingredients available in South Africa. From beautiful fresh vegetables, to juicy cuts of meat, to decadent cheeses made in the Italian tradition but with the best of South African produce.

Claudio showcases these ingredients to offer you only the finest dining. They are distinguishable in every dish, but work together in harmony to create tantalising and unique experiences for your tastebuds.

Wine and Dine

It’s not just the best of South African produce that has its chance to shine at Fumo. You’ll find a vast selection of South African and international wines to pair perfectly with any meal. Can’t bring yourself to choose? Claudio is more than happy to offer advice on the best pairings as well.

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