You can either love them or hate them, but oysters are the perfect representation of summer decadence. There’s nothing better than watching the sunset with a glass of wine and a plate of oysters in front of you. And we can agree that these fresh, slimy pockets of heaven on the half-shell are best enjoyed when washed down with a glass of sparkling wine. But believe it or not, this isn’t the only preferred combination. Not sure which wine to go with oysters? If it’s your first time trying oysters or you’re just wanting to try something different, keep reading to find out which wines pair best.

Knowing which wine to go with oysters can be confusing with the limitless options. If you’re going to eat raw oysters, you want something that’s dry and has a high acidity level. Imagine spritzing some lemon over your shellfish – that’s what your wine is supposed to do! A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything oaky, heavy, or tannic. Keeping your wine flavour and structure light will avoid overwhelming the oyster. White wine pairs well with oysters, whether it’s sparkling or still.

The natural crispness and high acidity of white wine complement fresh seafood perfectly. But nowadays, you can pair it with anything you like, even red wine! The combinations are varied, yet some are tried and true and elevate the taste experience, framing the flavours of both oysters and wine to their maximum. Ultimately, how do you decide which is the ideal wine to go with oysters? Keep reading and find out.

Find Out The Perfect Wine To Go With Oysters By Deciding Which Flavour Your Palette Best Relates To:

  • Raw Oysters – Sparkling White Wines

1.Sauvignon Blanc:

  1. Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent summer seafood wine. From light, crisp, to heavy on acidity, to a bit herbaceous, Sauvignon Blanc has something for every summer occasion. They pair particularly well with raw oysters due to their high acidity and lemon notes.

2. Champagne:

When you see “wines to serve with oysters,” Champagne is probably the first thing that comes to mind, right? This is probably because champagne is a classic seafood appetizer wine, which means it naturally pairs well with oysters! Many Champagnes have a yeasty, bready taste, which does well in enhancing pairings and flavour. The characteristic lemony taste and fine bubble texture perfectly complement creamy plump oysters. If you want something classic and classy, Champagne is the way to go! 

Cooked Oysters -Crisp White Wines


A chardonnay needs the weight and texture of food to complement its opulence. Which makes the fried oyster the perfect match.

2. Smoked or Fried Oysters – Heavier White Wines

3. Champagne:

Champagne is also famous for being paired with deep-fried oysters

4. While Pinot Noir is not a traditional favourite among seafood lovers, if your palate can handle its low tannins and high acidity, then red wine to go with your oysters is the one for you.

Boost your oyster game with these tried-and-true combinations. The real challenge isn’t just finding the right pair of wine to go with oysters but finding the right restaurant to make your dining experience memorable. Fumo is well known for its Mediterranean cuisine which makes oysters a cult favourite. With experienced knowledge in knowing which wine to go with oysters, Fumo can make your first-time experience one to remember. If you’re looking for world-class cuisine, find us on https://fumovillage.com/ and make your reservation today!


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